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Why you Need to Take an Amazing Helicopter Ride from Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Las Vegas is intoxicating. The sights, the sounds, the smells, it's a fantastic assault on all of your senses. Casinos know that gambling is a wild and thrilling experience, and they tap into every one of your senses to make sure that you part with as much money as possible. From fragrancing the casino floor with their brand scent to over the top shows, flashing lights and a dazzling feast of decadence everywhere you look.

The draw of Vegas is that it's designed to lure you in, to thrill you and to make you believe anything is possible. You might just beat the house and finish your weekend break with a pocket full of cash and an outrageous experience you will remember forever. Forever, literally, casinos now sell the fragrances they pump into the gambling floor so you can have it in your home and remember the exhilaration of your trip over and over again. It's a form of branding, to lure you back with the smoke and mirrors.

The thing is, as unique as Vegas is (and it is) and as limited as your time might be. Getting off The Strip and having a breather is a good idea for both your wallet and for having a truly exhilarating experience. Something else Vegas has to offer will boost your adrenaline even more than the sights and smells of the Casino.

The Strip

We're talking about helicopter trips in Vegas. Nothing screams lavish in quite the same way as a private helicopter trip. It feels decadent, and your weekend fantasy of being a player will be complete if you take one of these trips, we guarantee it.

Seeing The Strip from the air is incredibly special, helicopter rides that focus just on the strip are well worth a go. It is a truly spectacular sight to see the strip's bright lights from the air at night. You will soar above the famous Las Vegas Boulevard and see the stunning views of the downtown area. These trips are exceptional and cover about 20 miles. Imagine having the chance to fly over the Bellagio, The Mirage, Caesars Palace and many other famous hotels

The Grand Canyon

Helicopter rides aren't limited to The Strip, and with the proximity of Vegas to The Grand Canyon, it means that limited time doesn't have to mean limited experiences. It would be almost criminal not to take a helicopter ride to The Grand Canyon, even the scenery on the ride to the Canyon is breathtaking.

As you fly to the Canyon from Vegas you pass over the amazing Hoover Dam, stunning Lake Mead and you will see a spectacular view of the Colorado River. The flight to the Canyon itself takes around forty minutes and is a smooth and scenic way to spend the afternoon. When you get to the Canyon itself, the helicopter will fly over the top and land on a beautiful bluff that will give you a fantastic view of the Canyon. Eat lunch with some locals and take in the beauty of nature, a helicopter trip to the Canyon is one that you won't forget.

The Canyon West Rim boasts a lookout point with a glass bottom to let you walk above the Canyon itself. The blue skies meet the red rock, and your senses are overwhelmed with just how majestic the Canyon is. It's not hard to see why the native Americans have strong spiritual ties to this area.


If you're heading to Vegas for a little white chapel wedding, one of the best ways to celebrate is by taking a night-time helicopter cruise of the strip complete with champagne. You will be soaring on a high, soaked up in the romance and the bright lights and big city.


It's becoming increasingly popular for people to take the roundtrip helicopter ride to the Canyon to get married. It's such a magnificent backdrop for your wedding pictures, flying in by helicopter to one of the seven wonders of the world. Some days the clouds kiss the rim of the Canyon and make you feel like you have ascended into heaven. The helicopter Canyon and Strip tours are also famous for looking for somewhere special to pop the question.

Level up and experience everything

These tours aren't all about romance though, they are about experiencing everything Vegas has to offer, and they are about levelling up your break to Vegas. As alluring as Vegas, it's good to get out of the casinos and do something a little different. These tours are about creating memories that will stay with you forever. These are experiences that you will talk about for years to come with anyone who will listen. Going to Vegas and missing seeing all of the neon by air or missing out on the Grand Canyon is like visiting a football stadium when it isn't a game day. Sure it's cool to be there when it's not game day, it's quite a spectacular feeling taking it all in, and you're glad you did it, but something is missing.

Final thoughts

Helicopter tours are unique, there's no denying it, and with so much competition between companies, they are relatively inexpensive. You will want to take a helicopter tour with an operator who is safe, knowledgeable and has your best interests in mind. Helicopter tours level up your Vegas experience and are guaranteed to be something that you look back and smile on. Bright lights, big city and one of the seven wonders of the world. There is nowhere else in the world that can give you that in a weekend.