Viva Las Vegas


To tell the story of Las Vegas, one has to use the world miraculous and spectacular quite a lot, as this city seems to defy the usual development of a city. Appearing like an illusion in the middle of a scorching Mojave Desert in Nevada, the city has grown over the course of just a century to the world’s most fascinating playground. It is still a mystery how this major urban hive has grown surrounded by barren mountains and arid valleys. Yet, today Las Vegas is a vibrant city filled with life and dreams, its heart beating in the rhythm of slot machines and its eyes made of neon lights. Rightfully known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” it includes countless venues where people can find a different world. From the best and biggest casinos in the world to the most exciting live entertainment spectacles one could imagine, Las Vegas has it all and the rush never seems to take a break.

So, what to do around Vegas?


Take a journey into the virtual world with the fully immersive Virtual Reality Experience at Pole Position Raceway.  Using state of the art Omni 2.0 motion technology, you and your crew will be able to solve puzzles, defeat foes, and explore each map as if you were actually there.  The Omni Arena by Virtuix includes a comfortable VR headset and their advanced free-roam motion technology. This setup allows a wide range of movement, from a meandering stroll to a full-speed sprint. The arena includes four adventures to choose from that are perfect for anyone with a height above 4'8" and under 6'5". The Blackbeard Pirate Adventure is perfect for younger players and allows you to loot for treasure, fight rival swashbucklers, and become true pirate legends. Core Defense Robot Shooter tasks your team in protecting the PowerCore from wave after wave of killer robots.  In Dead Zone Zombies, you'll need to survive hordes of the undead with nothing but your wits and a massive arsenal of weaponry to use on your brain-eating foes.  And finally, there is Elite Force Deathmatch Shooter, where you'll fight alongside your friends to defeat your enemies to grab the highest score.  The Virtual Reality Experience is also conveniently located inside the Pole Position Raceway, so you can enjoy all of the other fun-filled activities before or after your VR session. 

Put down that comic book because you’re being summoned into the world of the greatest defenders our planet has ever seen, the Avengers. Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is the Strip’s newest superhero attraction that is about to make all your fantasy/Sci-Fi dreams come true. Marvel fans, one ticket gets you up-close-and-personal with Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor. And you don't even have to go to Asgard to do it, just a little ole place called Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is not your average exhibition, good people of the planet earth. The Avengers attraction in Las Vegas actually encourages you to get hands on with the team’s most prized possessions and artifacts, giving you plenty of photo ops and insight on the Tactical Intelligence Operative Network. You’ll have the security clearance to look inside intelligence files and classified documents, learning the real truth behind the scientific training and experiments that were conducted. Explore Bruce Banner’s lab, see Captain America’s uniform and shield and get a closer look at the shape-shifting aliens from the Battle of New York, the Chitauri. See if you can pick up Thor's hammer and prove you're a hero, not a villain.  After stepping into the immersive world of Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll have a hard time coming back to reality. They've even got a cool retail store so visitors or ahem - agents - can take home collectibles like t-shirts, their own Hulkbuster and more. Delve into the Marvel Cinematic Universe inside the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. So don't just sit there, buy tickets now.

Grey’s Anatomy freaks – we mean fans – scrub in because we’re going deep under the skin to study all the parts of the body. Every piece of the body is revealed going through the exhibit, and when we say everything, we mean everything (use your imagination). We’ve learned that heart surgeons are basically bomb technicians. The inner workings of the heart reminded us of explosive wires, blue, yellow and red. We decided against touching anything, so neither should you. The attraction is filled with some fun facts and we’re going to tell you our favorites. Did you know a human bite force is 200 pounds per square inch or that babies are born with 300 bones but adults have 206? Well neither did we, pretty awesome if you ask us.   And if by the end of it you become attached to the attraction, you can donate your body to the exhibit upon your death. We decided to go ahead and sign up a couple of our friends, we’re sure they will love that email.

Couch potatoes rejoice! There's now a reason (well five reasons, really) to turn off your TV and come to Vegas! Tune in to your favorite Las Vegas-based reality TV shows in person and possibly even meet the shows' stars on this tour, including "Counting Cars," "Toy Shack" and "Pawn Stars." TV enthusiasts will spend 30 minutes at each stop, starting with Shelby American! Featured on an episode of "Counting Cars," this amazing collection of rare Shelby cars includes Shelby 1000, 427 Cobras, GT500 and more.  Next you'll experience more of the History Channel's most popular shows with an exclusive stop at the garage from "Counting Cars." This is the only reality TV tour that stops at this location. Count's Kustoms, home to the show "Counting Cars" features ogle collectible toys like vintage Hot Wheels and Transformers at The Toy Shack, owned by "Pawn Stars" toy expert Johnny Jiminez. Finally, visit the home of the History Channel's top-rated show, "Pawn Stars," featuring the family-run Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. You may even rub elbows with one of the show's stars such as Rick Harrison, Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison and Austin "Chumlee" Russell. The shop itself is packed with thousands of interesting items, from artwork by famous artists to Super Bowl rings. Note: The opportunity to meet and greet the shows' stars is not guaranteed. Inside tours depend upon filming schedule. Rick's Restorations has closed, so guests will stop at the non-traditional car customization shop Welder Up instead, home of the Discovery Channel television show "Vegas Rat Rods." Owner Steve Darnell designs award-winning rat rods which have been featured in national publications like Hot Rod Magazine, Diesel World Magazine and Rat Rod Magazine.


Omega Mart brings you all of the totally not weird grocery store items you can expect from your absolutely regular singular dimension. For all of your family's free-range, organic, mind-bending nutrients, visit your galactically local Omega Mart today!  Okay, so Omega Mart is obviously not your usual neighborhood supermarket, which begs the question, what is Omega Mart?  The newest permanent addition to the Meow Wolf family, Omega Mart is a 52,000-square-foot interactive art installation that features work created by a wide range of local and international artists that you can find hidden around every unexpected corner and through every interdimensional portal. The overall theme may center around the classic grocery shopping experience, but that's just the facade that draws you into this surrealist, immersive storytelling adventure. Glitchy, 80's sci-fi horror characteristics perfectly and strangely mix with the campy, saturated colors of bubblegum pop to create a reality where time and space are rendered obsolete.  This Neon Dystopia filled with optical illusions, freezer portals, and tattooed chicken is suitable for all ages, though some spots may be considered a little overwhelming for younger visitors or those with sensory sensitivity. Omega Mart also includes a bar that serves plenty of drinks, snacks, and alcohol, but you can find even more food and beverage options within Area 15.  Book your tickets to Omega Mart and enter a trippy universe of unpredictability that'll be way more fun than your usual weekly grocery run.